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Unwasted time

I couldn’t get phone messages all summer. Instead I got annoyed texts telling me my voicemail box was full. Yeah, I know, my phone needed my attention. But it had to compete with activities and hours of planning for my … Continue reading

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Be very afraid (31 for 21)

Infuriating. That’s how it feels to be told “No.” In not quite these words, my city’s recreation department said: No, we don’t want your child’s kind. We don’t want to do what it takes to include him in our program. … Continue reading

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“I have big news to share!” I blurted as we sat down at the coffee shop. “What?” Robyn asked. I hesitated, took a breath, and said excitedly, “Nothing.” My eyes unexpectedly watered, and I held my breath for a minute … Continue reading

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Crying over coffee

I burst into loud sobbing tears in Starbucks. I had been avoiding going home. Greg was taking a sick day to care for our kids. I had spent the previous night in the Emergency Room with Raphael. I’d forewent so many … Continue reading

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31 for 21: Bouncing for boy

Yesterday, we were in our typical morning rush to get the children ready and off to preschool and daycare and get ourselves to work. I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast when Greg came flying down the stairs with Raphael. … Continue reading

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31 for 21: No time for playtime?

I used to get jealous of SAHMs (stay-at-home moms) who seemed to have endless playdates and time with their kids. I know that’s just one of those grass-is-always-greener moments. I’m part SAHM-part working mom, and I think that may be … Continue reading

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