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Head games

Euphoric. That was my feeling after Forrest Walker (yes, that’s his real name) treated me post-concussion. His simple touch on my abdomen, chest, thigh and head magically shifted the intangible energy within my body in indefinable ways. A fluid sense … Continue reading

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Keep it from the kids

“How are we going to keep this from the kids?” Greg and I were discussing last week’s massacre of 14 people in a San Bernardino facility that was being used for a holiday party and typically houses a California agency … Continue reading

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Normal chaos

So this is what it’s like when it’s not like this all the time… That’s what I pondered before falling asleep the night before last. Raphael had been well more than not for long stretches over the past year, so … Continue reading

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“I have big news to share!” I blurted as we sat down at the coffee shop. “What?” Robyn asked. I hesitated, took a breath, and said excitedly, “Nothing.” My eyes unexpectedly watered, and I held my breath for a minute … Continue reading

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Back-breakingly yours

I should have known this would happen. It took a few days to create a schedule that actually built in time for things I’d been mostly missing for the past few years: simple things like sleep, showering, and exercise – … Continue reading

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Crying over coffee

I burst into loud sobbing tears in Starbucks. I had been avoiding going home. Greg was taking a sick day to care for our kids. I had spent the previous night in the Emergency Room with Raphael. I’d forewent so many … Continue reading

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Auld Lang Syne

This time last year, I enthusiastically said, “Good riddance 2009!” I had spent the end of December exalted by the prospect of a new year only to be greeted with Raphael’s first significant scary illness since The Sickness he had … Continue reading

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