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Owning what divides us

My 10-year-old tells me he likes attending Friday night services at our synagogue because of the cookies served afterward. Despite his eating more than the two or three treats we’ve agree on beforehand, I’m glad he’s also digesting important lessons … Continue reading

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Head games

Euphoric. That was my feeling after Forrest Walker (yes, that’s his real name) treated me post-concussion. His simple touch on my abdomen, chest, thigh and head magically shifted the intangible energy within my body in indefinable ways. A fluid sense … Continue reading

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Keep it from the kids

“How are we going to keep this from the kids?” Greg and I were discussing last week’s massacre of 14 people in a San Bernardino facility that was being used for a holiday party and typically houses a California agency … Continue reading

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Normal chaos

So this is what it’s like when it’s not like this all the time… That’s what I pondered before falling asleep the night before last. Raphael had been well more than not for long stretches over the past year, so … Continue reading

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“I have big news to share!” I blurted as we sat down at the coffee shop. “What?” Robyn asked. I hesitated, took a breath, and said excitedly, “Nothing.” My eyes unexpectedly watered, and I held my breath for a minute … Continue reading

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Back-breakingly yours

I should have known this would happen. It took a few days to create a schedule that actually built in time for things I’d been mostly missing for the past few years: simple things like sleep, showering, and exercise – … Continue reading

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Crying over coffee

I burst into loud sobbing tears in Starbucks. I had been avoiding going home. Greg was taking a sick day to care for our kids. I had spent the previous night in the Emergency Room with Raphael. I’d forewent so many … Continue reading

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