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Keep it from the kids

“How are we going to keep this from the kids?” Greg and I were discussing last week’s massacre of 14 people in a San Bernardino facility that was being used for a holiday party and typically houses a California agency … Continue reading

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A wedding and a funeral

My father died last week. I still haven’t really cried. That happens sometimes. We just don’t know what we feel, or we’re too busy to feel. Or, we’re not ready to feel. In any case, it still feels crummy. The … Continue reading

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New Life and Old Loss

AS THE LANDSCAPE greens and trees bloom all around, the contrast between rebirth and remembrance become more vivid. Last Sunday, I held my tiny new niece and didn’t want to let go. I love new life, its fragility and utter … Continue reading

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End of an era

Yesterday, just after midnight, I returned from a quick trip to Florida for my grandmother’s funeral. I feel great. I’m on little sleep and just experienced quite a hectic schedule. Grandma passed on Friday, I published her obituary,  booked travel, and … Continue reading

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As bad as it gets

Everybody hurts. A close colleague’s husband is suffering from devastatingly painful throat cancer. My grandmother is stuck in bed possibly for the rest of her life while her devoted daughter, my Aunt Judi, visits and cares for her every day … Continue reading

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No time to grieve

Two years ago today, I said good-bye to my close friend, forever. But not really. I never felt as though I’d said an adequate farewell to Krista. The end of her life was turmoil, denial, and uncomfortable tip-toeing around heated … Continue reading

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31 for 21: Never dying

I am never going to die. That’s what I had to promise Elijah to settle him down in the dark last night as we cuddled before his bedtime. We were having the preschooler pillow talk we typically do before my final goodnight … Continue reading

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