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Don’t limit me

My son is in kindergarten. He loves his school, and so do I. But I am already seeing how his school wants to keep expectations low for him due to his diagnosis, presumably so the educators don’t have to put … Continue reading

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Talking to listen

Talking to listen Tuesday morning, Elijah flipped out. It wasn’t necessarily the mother of all tantrums, but pretty darn close. He threw punches and kicks and dove into the big brown chair he seeks comfort in. He screamed until I … Continue reading

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31 for 21: Zebras in the closet

I love opening the pantry door to find this. Sometimes I get into bed and find a truck under my pillow or a toy car in the covers. It’s a fun little surprise that makes me wonder what else my kids … Continue reading

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What price advocacy?

My husband tells me how glad he is that he married someone who knows how to dig through a messy medical system and isn’t afraid to demand what we need for our child. I know lots of folks are not … Continue reading

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31 for 21: Posting for awareness

So here’s a challenge I am adding to my already overchallenged life. October is National Down Syndrome awareness month and many bloggers are committing to posting every day for 31 days to bring awareness to Trisomy 21, the chromosomal disorder … Continue reading

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Normal Nordstrom

Not to sound like a commercial, but if I could afford it, I would shop at Nordstrom. Not for the terrific style, good quality, or great customer service. But for the picture on page 72 of the 2011 Anniversary Sale … Continue reading

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Raphael’s first stand

A little more than six weeks shy of his second birthday, my son took his first solo stand. It was only for a sustained moment and more like a squat, but he enthusiastically planted two feet and pulled his pot … Continue reading

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