I used to think, one day, I will write something. Something someone would find worth reading. Like when I’m 60, and I have had enough life experience that I would have something to say.

I’m not 60. But I have something to say now.

It helps me to write my thoughts. 

And, I’m just putting this all out there for people who know me to hopefully read and maybe just understand a little — because that helps, too.

It’s also for those who don’t know me but who may have a kid like mine and can relate. It’s for anyone who is a mom, or has lost a friend, or struggles to do it all, or can maybe just glean something useful from my sharing.

So for whatever it’s worth, I thank you for reading.

Your comments are welcome and appreciated. It’s nice to know someone’s listening…



2 Responses to About

  1. Tom Brown says:

    I believe life is about learning, growing , trying to take in as much as is comfortable to make myself better and to maybe help those around me. I never really expect anyone to know what raising a disabled child is like and trying to describe it is often wasted time. I do however know just how much my comfort zone is streched on a regular basis and without any warning. So you might never know what it feels like to raise such a child but if you stop and look real close you might see just much our comfort zone is stretched. The things that most parents take for granted could be a list of great accomplishments for some kids. You may never be asked or even be capable of understanding what it feels like but if you take the time to see, you will find that our comfort zone has been decimated, rewritten and turned upside down. So here’s some
    advice. Don’t think you know what’s best for our kids and how they are going to turn out. But see the comfort zone we lost and if you want to help do just one little gesture to bring us back just one step closer to the comfort we used to have and now don’t even have time to dream off. Elizabeth, you go girl, and don’t try to see it too hard but your comfort zone will get closer every day. Believe it!!

  2. Kudos for putting your blog together. You are not alone! Check out the following blog project by 6 moms who have struggled to “do it all” but decided it was time to put their families first: http://www.offthemerry-go-round.com. Thanks and God bless.

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