31 for 21: Too much holiday?

When Halloween falls on a Monday, related school festivities start the Friday before, and themed events occur the previous weekend.

Raphael in dino costume on his bike

My little dino signs “dinosaur” during our very own pre-Halloween parade on bikes around the block. We were actually on our way to a pumpkin carving party but it took so long to get ready, we missed it.

Raphael in sunglasses

Cool little dude checking out some farm animals

Elijah in his mud boots following the farmer driving an old fashioned tractor

Elijah followed behind this old tractor all around the farm site. We had a big snow earlier in the week, which naturally led to a very muddy weekend.

Little Raphael standing in front of a painted sign.

 Boys looking at each other in front of the How Tall farm sign

Before the big trick or treating event even rolls around, this little pirate might be all treated out.

Exhausted little pirate crashes out on the couch

About elizamom

Colorado mother of two small boys. One happens to have Down syndrome.
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