Where we’re headed

Many parents of children who have Down syndrome say they initially spent hours on the Internet and immersed in library books to learn all they could about the condition. I barely skimmed through a handful of books on the subject.

I knew how to be a mommy, I thought, so I was just going to do that. I figured over time, I’d get myself more educated.

That’s been a good approach for several reasons, but still, I do find myself bleary eyed on many a long night looking online for particular information about a constipation remedy, the best toy to help develop a particular skill, which supplement works best, or what kind of adaptive technology I could use to remedy a particular issue Raphael’s Down syndrome brings to life.

None of those things have been easy to find. So when I started my blog, I thought I would like to provide a one-stop source for such things.

Instead, my intermittent postings have mostly been a way to practice writing, to experience catharsis from the act of organizing inner feelings, and to get my lonely thoughts out in the world where they might actually be noticed or maybe even matter a little bit.

So now I aim to add some entries about some of those things that a parent with a young child with Down syndrome may need to know or want to learn about. They will likely be intermingled with musings about how cool my kids are and how tired I am, etc.

If you’re reading this, and some of those upcoming posts don’t thrill, please keep reading and stick with me (Click “Follow,” if you will!) as this blog thing evolves. It’s like a life in progress. Like a life with an extra 21st chromosome. I don’t know where it’s headed or what it will be able to do, but there’s a whole lot of worthwhile involved.


About elizamom

Colorado mother of two small boys. One happens to have Down syndrome.
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One Response to Where we’re headed

  1. Chrisi says:

    Dear elizamom (or maybe just Eliza?),
    My name is Chrisi and I started following you after I read your “What lies beneath” post from Oct. 13, 2010. I can’t even remember how I fell upon it but as I read it I could relate. I have four boys (8, 7, 5, and almost 4). My five year old also has DS. I have been reading your recent posts and I too struggle with time management. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Establishing routines takes time.

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