Normal Nordstrom

Not to sound like a commercial, but if I could afford it, I would shop at Nordstrom.

Not for the terrific style, good quality, or great customer service.

But for the picture on page 72 of the 2011 Anniversary Sale catalog.

Believe me, it’s worth clicking the link, finding the page, and viewing in Full Screen. Really.

Children in a Nordstrom catalog. The cute boy has Down syndrome.

Page 72, Nordstrom 2011 Anniversary Sale catalog

Lovin’ that kid. Love that a major chain uses a child with Down syndrome in an ad for merchandise for the general population.

Thank you Nordstrom for being so normal.


About elizamom

Colorado mother of two small boys. One happens to have Down syndrome.
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3 Responses to Normal Nordstrom

  1. Christine Glidden says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. J says:

    I just found your blog because I searched for “Down Syndrome Child Nordstrom Ad.” I saw the ad linked elsewhere for another reason, and I was so pleasantly surprised to see this. I love the photo in your header. Beautiful

  3. Leslie says:

    So so wonderful! Great job Nordstroms. Hope other major retailers follow!

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